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The December news!


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There is soon christmas and I may have a little present for ya! No...I wont blow up your house with a C4. :P


Changes to the site:

I have added a guide section, it's far from being finished but I think my guide is understandable.

Removed/edited a few sections on the FAQ and pivacy policy relating to AWOS.

Updated phpBB3 to the newest version.

Added a IRC page.


Bugs found:

It's impossible to recover passwords on the forums for some reason, if someone wants their password resett email me at svendsentore[at]hotmail[dot]com (Replace [at] with "@" and [dot] with "." without the quotes.)


Tiberian Dawn Redux has released 2 new versions!


v1.2 which adds the conyard system and 2 sub factions + alot more!




v1.21 which contains some bug fixes for v1.2



The original GDI and Nod forces have returned with units and themes being recreated in the best detail possible. Along with some new special features.

GDI and Nod include a subfaction, GDI has the elite Task Force Talon unit while Nod has the infamous Black Hand special forces unit.

All the original sounds, the original score from Frank Klepacki, and many of the original videos have been implemented to help bring back the feel of the original C&C game. There are also some new sounds, music, and videos being used as well.

Read more


(my base, click on image for the full view)


www.ppmsite.com - Project Perfect Mod


Tiberium Essence a mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars that fucuses on giving a more Tiberian Sun feeling to C&C3 is now at version 1.2, this mod looks nice but I haven't been able to play it. (faulty graphics card cant run "new" games.)


Check it out by clicking this link


n3trunn3r.red-alert.net - N3tRunn3r online


N3tRunner has recently been updating his site thing inludes adding a A Path Beyond section! Click here to visit his site.


Thats all for this news post! (I will post some more later)

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