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aaaaaannnnd more news!


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This news post continues from the last one.


For those who use The First Decade pack (TFD) there is an unofficial 1.03 patch for it which fixes alot of problems in TFD including adding RA 3.03, C&C95 1.06 r2 and features many inofficial and official fixes (TFD 1.01 and 1.02 is included) featuring work from Nyerguds, Scorpio and many others! This patch has been compiled by nathancnc, head over to his site http://www.commandandpatch.com for more information.


Bittah Commander resently released version 1.09 of his mod The Dawn of the Tiberium Age which recreates Tiberian Dawn in Tiberian Sun with the orginal graphics from Tiberian Dawn and adding some goodies from Red Alert as well.



(click for full image) (if you wonder why some buildings are facing the wrong way it's because of a Tiberian Sun engine limitation)


Head over to his forum at PPM to get more info and for the download.

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