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Red Alert 1 (TFD) freezes . Windows 7.



Hi all.


I have spent several hours now trying to search for my particular problem, not only on this forum but the interwebs. I will try and be as clear as possible:


-Red alert 1 with command and conquer the first decade

-desktop computer

-Windows 7

-6 GB ram

-computer generally runs well (I'm not very knowledgeable on computer science)


-have used the ddraw.ddl fix to get the colours right (I'm Australian, hence the u in colours).

-running RA95.exe with windows98 compatibility

-my computer always selects a single CPU when I go to "select affinity" under the RA95.exe

-running version 11 of directx.


The crash happens during single player and has happened in online skirmish (using CNCnet). The game crashes either randomly during play and also when I load a saved game whilst in the middle of playing a game. The crash is usually where the sound is like a record skipping with the mouse frozen. I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and close it with the task manager.


From what I can gather, I think my best bet is to try and re-install it. I am hoping to avoid that because my friend installed TFD for me and I don't want to have to ask him to do it again!


Thanks in advance.



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