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Building menu greys out midway through game


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Hello. I'm new to playing RA1 on cncnet. I'm getting a problem in some games where after a while the building menu greys out completely and no further buildings can be built. If I try aborting a build (on any building type, chosen at random iirc), I hear the building cancelled message. All buildings come back to colour and I can start building again - except the building never actually starts; instead the building menu greys out again completely.  Also, any MCVs I create will be unable to deploy (no message heard, iirc).  I have checked carefully and I hadn't put building on hold. Also I had plenty of ore.  I am not yet very fast, and this behaviour is kicking in when I have built a substantial base but still far fewer buildings than the opposition.


Could I be missing something?


Thank you for any help.

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