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Map Paukenschlag (Snow)


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hi all

after 60 hours on building this map and some test rounds is it complete


this map is actually not the same as p4 or some other spam maps...

the People need some brain and of course skill to win on this map

perfectly by the first round for your enemy (if you Play russia)


the westside has about 2 millions

rly enough to hit the eastside with ~350k


this map must be played on Speed 5 (realistic C&C Speed) and tech Level 8 (for fair Balance)


its a 1v1 map and has the good old feeling of C&C


pos 5 for russia

pos 8 for allies


DL link


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Played this map against you a minute ago. Each player starts with an Island that has a base on it. The soviet player can just camp behind his tesla wall and snipe everything with his migs. There is only one beach to attack the soviet player on, ofccourse surrounded by who knows how many tesla coils.


The allied player will just have to spam for hours untill he wins. Even though i hate the p4 map, it is better and requires way more strategy then this.


Map score 1 out of 5 points.

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