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ERROR report with CNCnet5



I am trying to play CNC online, i downloaded CNCnet5 for redaleart/tiberansun/tiberandawn, and when i click on icon to open the program it says

'CnCNet 5 Client has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.' and it gives me the option to send the error report or close'  This screen comes up for all 3 (redalert/tiberansun/tiberandawn) i am running windows xp.  Any help would be great!


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No i dont have any anitvirus software installed.  i downloaded the patch 1.06 for CNC 95.  i have the first decade downloaded.  i've been trying to play online for a while and cant figure out how to run CNCnet5. 

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did you download the plain cncnet5.exe ? in that case make sure you got the .NET framework 2.0 installed


you can also download the small online versions, i recently updated them to download/install .NET automatically




online versions (big red buttons)


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