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TS Online. Can you beat me?


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I see that TS is brand new to cncnet5, and so am I. I played on westwood online, EA and xwis before coming here. I'd like to see more players playing TS as I think it is the most strategic cnc game there is. The red alert community seems decent here and is growing, which is what I'd like to see with TS. I'm sure when ladders and clans eventually make it here, it will grow exponentially. I've been playing TS off and on for 15 years and as of now, I'm finding it quite difficult to find anyone online who has much experience with TS to grant me a challenge. So this is YOUR chance to come challenge me and prove me wrong. My username is Punkernfg, i'll keep myself idle if anyone wants to send me a message to setup a game. Hope to play you soon :).

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