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Site updates!


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C&C Comm has been updated with many new features!


New forum software - SMF

All the topics and users (except for 2 newly registered users) from the old forum has been ported over to the new forum! So you just log in with your old user details and you are in. ;) But this conversion was not without a few bugs, some permissions are not right and some post formatting got screwed up there was also some bugs with links so if you click on a broken link try to remove the gibberish at the end of the link.





just remove the :53463a and it should work.


All forums and topics now as a RSS feed.


New downloads area - click here

This download site allows you to add new downloads and comment on downloads.


Media Gallery - click here

The media gallery allows you to upload videos and pictures and embed them on your site or on the forums.



Video embeding

You can now embed a video from your favorite video site by typing the link to it.



RA1 Carville briefing: giant ants



Command & Conquer Nod Cinematics



A chat script has been added to this site, it is kinda similar to IRC; You can create your own private channels.

This chat is displayed on the main page as a shroutbox. You will be able to see it when you log in.


Main page updates

There has also been some minor visual tweaks on the site, and the site now adopts to your resolution.

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