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RA95 The First Decade Issue



Hi all,


I Recently downloaded Red Alert 1 on Origin after buying The First Decade a few months back when it was on Sale. I am having an issue with getting a Black Screen when i run the game. I Only get sound and no display at all. I had the same issue with C&C95 but fixed it with a patch. I tried the same with this but it changed nothing after installing the 3.03 patch. Tried a number of other things like changing my video resolution and refresh rate, as well as the ddraw.dll which was supposed to fix this but it did nothing. I Can't even run the RASetup because i get the same issue, just a plain black screen.


Running Windows 7 64 Bit with 2 Nvidia 550 TTI's and an Intel I5 2500 and 8gb 1600MHZ Ram. Stupidly EA Support suggested i updated my graphic drivers, cos ya know, Its outdated by 2 months and the game is only 20 years old /sarcasm.


Hopefully somebody can help me because I'd like to be able to play it again after all these years.





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hi, welcome to the forums!


I made a patcher for the First Decade/Origin version of ra95, it should solve your problems - get it here: http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/


Mostly it works right after the patch, but sometimes its required to change 1-2 settings .. let me know if it works, im gonna guide you thru in case it doesnt work out of the box :)

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