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Red alert 1 issue


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The game would without warning frequently go black screen and goes back to windows(am using window 7), i just simply clicked the RA1 icon on taskbar to get back to the game and continue where i was before the black screen. The issue being repeated since then.


I tried it on other mission, same issue.


I reinstalled the game, the problem occurs once more.


As i have downloaded many things from ra.afraid.org for new missions.I have the components removed from the RA folder, won't help either.


I am using 3.03 patch, tried to use the affinity fix, also no won't help either.


I checked with other games like 3DO's army men RTS still the same problem, but with Dune 2000 it's pretty stable but with screens flickering black.


What might be the problem here?

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update : i have clicked on and used your signature link, everything's fine now.


I have found new two options above "start new game" , "custom missions" and "expansion missions".


Does that mean that i don't have to overwrite the original mission files in order to play the downloads from ra.afraid.org?

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