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Menus won't display



I just downloaded Tiberian Sun and the menus won't show up.  I click on "new campaign" and a gray bar just shows up with no options.  BUT when I do a print screen, the menu shows up when i paste the image.  (please see attached image)  I am running windows 7.  the executable file's compatibility is set at Windows 98/ME so I thought this would resolve the problem.  Can anyone help me?  Thanks in advance.


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Ah, that version doesn't contain many community patches to make the game run better on modern systems. You can try a beta of a new version I've been working on.


If you feel like testing something you can see if this installer I made for TS works for you, it contains community patches and such that makes the game run a lot better on modern systems: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta8r3.exe it's a beta version so it might have issues. If you find any issues with it please tell me.

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