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can't close tiberium sun on windows 8



I recently downloaded tiberium sun and firestorm off of the ultimate collection on origin. I ran the program selected firestorm then skirmish  nothing happened so I pressed enter and entered a game . It of course crashed and is now not responding in my task manager I have windows 8 and I am a first time user  I have no idea how to get back to my desktop or how to close this frozen game the red x and right click close window does not work I can't do anything on my computor with this running and froze please helpp !!!!!!!!! :ranting:

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In task manager click on "more details" then go to the details tab find "game.exe" and whatever other things have the TS icon and end them. The Ultimate Collection is a mess just like The First Decade before it, EA has done little or nothing to make the games run on modern systems.


If you feel like testing something you can see if this installer I made for TS works for you, it contains community patches and such that makes the game run a lot better on modern systems: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta8r3.exe it's a beta version so it might have issues. If you find any issues with it please tell me.

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