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lots has being happening recently in the modding world so here are just a few of the updates and Releases,


For Tiberian sun


TS Retro

SMIFFGIG has posted his Trailer for TS:Retro on ModDB


Even though Retro is getting old its still a great respected mod which tried to recreate Beta TS based on information at the time.


TS Squared

blubb has posted a updated version of his 2009 Releases of  TS²


This is a great mod which needs ETS to run which tried to fix what was wrong with Tiberian Sun


For Command and conquer 3


Tiberium Essence

Carnius has Released a new version of Tiberium Essence


This mod is a conversion for CnC3 turning it in to TS with better 3D Graphics


For Warcraft 3


Tiberian Dawn

XxpeddyxX has Released a 2 mission Demo for his new mod Tiberian Dawn


I cant say much about this mod other than it will a Total Conversion for WC3 turning WC3 in to Command and Conquer 1


(In other news i got promoted to News poster :) )

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