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Tiberian Sun [FS] - Intoxication


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This is: Intoxication (2-6 Players) Made By: Aro.


Size - Large (125 x 125)

Players - 6

Tiberium ammount - Very Large

Urban Areas - Small

Water - Large

Area Type - Lake / River / Mountainous / Mutated

Warfare - Ground


Map Story - This land, was once home to many people, it always had visitors and was well known for its wonderful nature and wild-life... Approximatly 6 years when the town of Owens was built, there became alot of criminal activity... There where murders, robberies and alot more... With lack of authority, the town was closed, but some people where left behind in the evactuation, resulting in them being mutated with all the tiberium life growing after time... The residents could not be saved, and the land was declared unsafe, due-to ion storms, so no planes can get into the area, and it was unsafe for the ferries to drop of tourist's anymore... The land has became a Red zone, and there appear to be plans for this land to be cleaned up in the future.















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