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Anybody have seen this mod yet?


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This is an old RA1 mod,I don't know who made it,and this mod has been made in the year of 1998,it seems unfinished,also the mod's name is unknown.

Also don't know how this mod's copy exists in China on those early days(at that time there's no RA mod in China)

In China,this mod was so called "Red Alert 2000 Laser age" or "RA99" or something else.


Both Soviet and Allied's tech tree are the same,almost every unit can do a mass destruction to the enemy

Maybe this mod is balanced or not balanced,through lots of units can do a mass destruction anyway

The mod seems (maybe) exceeds the modding limits to the RA1 engine.

Doesn't compatible to aftermath,so it's needed to make a copy of the rules.ini then rename it to aftemath.ini or something else

Also doesn't compatible to RA1-spawn.It stops responding after starting game

It's a full game installer made by unknown chinese,download link: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=55bbf55849cf8eee&id=55BBF55849CF8EEE%21491

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