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Anybody else have installed on MAC OS X


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I did that, but when I click Play Red alert (new online lobby)


it pops up saying I need winetricks dotnet 2.0


but I cannot figure out howto install that on Mac OS X for the life of me.


It's all instructions how to install on linux everywhere I find.


I have Playonmac installed, and the trial version of Crossover installed.

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I installed Crossover trial, and installed it just fine, but when I launch red alert and click play online (new lobby), same error message about installed winetricks dotnet 2.0. I click YES and it just goes to the website:





There are no MAC instructions on how to install this.

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actually crossover should come with everything needed (dotnet20 and gdiplus) thats why im always suggesting people to use it instead of playonmac :/


for other people it was working out of the box without any problems, so i dunno what the problem you have could be

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