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The First Decade 1.03 Revision 4 patch has been released!


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A new version of the unofficial 1.03 patch for TFD has been released! look in the quote for more info.



Well, it was in November that the last release of TFD 1.03 came out, and the next release (Revision 4) is now here. The new release includes the following changes and additions:


  • Nyerguds CNC95 1.06b Revision 1
  • Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge XWIS Automatch Fix
  • Generals Lost Sheep Mission
  • Tiberian Sun Scores-Screen Faction Fix
  • Renegade Script Library 3.44
  • Yuri's Revenge x64 Optimized gamemd.exe
  • Firestorm Video Additions
  • Updated TFD Launcher
  • Updated Installer


A full changelist can be found Here, and Click Here to Download

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