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I thought how about a plugin for twitch.tv, this could lead to CNCnet also to make known and a plugin what the time in the game had anzeigt.ich with friends the problem we had the regular 10min no rush and we were able to only estimate time and I thought such a plugin would be very nütztlich who you could see the current time in the game.

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in red alert you can add timers to the maps via triggers, not sure if that works in TS too


there is not really a plugin for twitch.tv, but if you have an account you can give it to me and your stream will be linked to the lobby via the Live-Stream button on the top

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yes tiberian sun has those triggers as well. you can have countdown timers in tiberian sun that is shown ingame how much time is remaining. there have been maps made in the past with triggers having things like 10 minute countdowns usually with neutral defense structures preventing people from attacking each other and then exploding when the countdown hits 0. download finalsun and sunedit2k and look up tutorials on how to use the triggers then report back here when you done. make it happen.

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