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C&C Comm Center news


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The forums:

As you can see (if you visited the forums) I added the header and the footer to the forum.


I want to hear what you think about the forums; what do I need to change? post your ideas! :)



Irony has posted a nice mappack containing 2 nice maps check it out


Screenshot from one of them:

height=600 width=600http://irony.cnc-comm.com/aquamarine.png[/img]


and N3tRunn3r has posted his mappack here as well check that one out too


Here is a screenshot

height=600 width=600http://www.red-alert.net/n3trunn3r/forums/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=22[/img]



CnCNet has got a lot of improvements lately and the developement is still going strong, they have not given me a list of new features yet but I can say one of them is a notice that tells you when someone has joined or left your game. :)






CnCNet/C&C95 Online forum

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