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Snake Eater

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A little bored on my starwars rp forum so I figured i'd post this here while trying to figure out TS.


Pick a color and a number 1-5


This CTW is being GMed by Snake Eater, and we will further explain how GMing will work once countries are handed out. When you're posting your intention to join, pick your preferred type of faction: police/gang. Let's get started!


An Introduction

A CTW is a forum game based on the idea of taking over the world; in Law Enforcement Edition, the idea is to eliminate the gangs in your city/state/country or to takeover the city from the police. Each player will start off with a gang/cartel/mafia or police department. There will be ten players at first: five gang factions and five police factions. There are three tiers to each faction: police departments can choose to accept a promotion within their police department (eventually either becoming Chief of Police), or apply to state police or a federal agency (both will be open based on merit); gang factions will be in charge of a city, regional, and eventually the entire gang within the country.


In this CTW, the factions you'll receive are small. This means that you'll need all of your intellect and tactical ability to ascend and eliminate your opposing faction. The nature of this game favors cunning in your relations with bigger agencies/gangs, as well as with the improvements that you choose to make. Getting your faction off the poop-list should be your first priority in most cases. The game has almost no limits and is less complicated than is imagined when you look at some of the extensive rules! You are encouraged to run your department the way you want to run it! (Norbro, you can have public executions if you really want).


While in real life your countries would have absolutely dismal budgets, you will find that your budget sometimes is larger than the GDP of your country IRL. This is a bit silly, but necessary for you guys to advance in any sort of degree to be competitive.


Budgets are based on your IRL faction and increased to compensate for your personnel, they will increase each turn (3/7/10 or 5/10/15) to increase competition. This game is about keeping the streets safe (conventional or martial law) or total anarchy.


Below are the rules of the game, you can learn a lot from playing and watching others take their turns. The GM will also answer any queries you may have. You'll also find wikipedia will contain much of the information you need about your faction.



Rule 1) The word of the GM is LAW and FINAL!

Rule 2) The GM reserves the right to do anything at any time.


The GM is essentially god in this game, what they say goes. They state whether actions are successful or failures and what the consequences are. They'll supply all the information you need and will often be willing to help with problems if you ask.


The GM will try to keep the game fair, but if you see any big errors then you can point them out to the GM. However, if the GM disagrees with your observation then the matter should be dropped without further arguing. As rules one and two state, the GM's word is final.


If you suspect a GM of being biased against you or any other player, post proof of bias publicly. Minor bias is to be expected though; thus it is good to be nice to the GM, as he

holds your life in his hands. Annoying the GM, whether through messenger, mail, or in game, can be punished by the GM messing up your turns, but he's a dick if he does unless you're really pissing him off.


The GM reserves the right to amend the rules of the game or add rules that were missed in order to make the rules more complete. He will generally do this after he notices someone exploiting a loophole in the rules. When this happens, the person he noticed using the loophole will be allowed to use it as it was not in the rules at the time of that person's posting, but from then on no one can use that loophole (as it is covered by the rules). Do not deliberately make advantage of a loophole or you'll be punished!


One final thing to remember is the time and effort the GM has put into this game so be nice!


The Rule of Turns


Once the game is started, every player has 48 hours to post their turn before the GM will check the turns. Depending on the GM's schedule (he has a life too, you know), it may take more than 48 hours for him to check, approve, and post the results of turns. However, once he does, players can expect to have 48 hours to post their next turn. Please don’t leave your turn till the last minute!


In regards to missed turns, If you miss a turn only half of the missed turn's budget will be carried over. A GM may choose to remove you from the game if you seem inactive so make sure they know when you're going to post!


One turn equals six months. Please follow what has become the standard format below. Bad formatting may cause the GM to look unfavorably upon your turn, because it can be a right pain in the bum for the GM to respond to your turn if your turn is an unorganized mess.


The example below is the standard turn structure and is very easy to understand. Its recommended to use spoilers within each of the below headings when listing units & etc. If you do not spoiler your equipment and stuff, your post will take up a massive amount of space in the later turns. The GM does not like that.


Turn Format

[Name] – [Faction] – Turn [#]


[subfactions] – [Personnel]

[subfactions] – [Personnel]


Total: [Amount of Personnel under your control]

Annual Budget: [what it says]

Turn Budget:




[Equipment 1] - [# of Equipment 1] - [total cost of Equipment 1]

[Equipment 2] - [# of Equipment 2] [total cost of Equipment 2]





[Equipment 1] - [# of Equipment 1] - [total cost of Equipment 1]

[Equipment 2] - [# of Equipment 2] [total cost of Equipment 2]



Internal / Community Relations

[Need more funding? need more recruits? want to smooth things over with the community? Build a relationship with your gang? post them here!]


Neighboring Agencies/Parent Agencies

[Ask for assistance/training/equipment/budget]



[if you plan to apply for a promotion, label which agency you wish to apply for and place a line of your best accomplishment each turn (1 line per turn)]



[Purchase new inventory? Conducting stings? Place them here]



[summarize your turn] This is important as it allows the GM to have an at a glance look to see if he missed anything!


As stated above this is not the only allowable structure of writing your turn. However things that are definitely required are:

- Budget

- Personnel

- Internal

- Operations

- Resume


Factions are based on their real life counterparts unless the GM specifies otherwise. Wikipedia will be the best place for information, not to mention the agency website. Ask the GM if you can't find anything.


In comparison to the IRL counterpart, the amount of personnel assigned to your faction will be dictated by your budget. Total budget divided by 36% equals amount of personnel assigned. Using less will allow you to gain more budget but decrease morale by overworking; using more will allow you to conduct more operations but decrease your purchasing budget and bonuses.


To outfit your department with specified equipment, weaponry or armor will cost $25,000 per category.

An example, if you wanted to have the Sig Sauer P226 as your department's main side arm, you must pay $25,000.


Heavily building up your unit will cause suspicion with neighboring agencies and gangs, not good if are looking to be promoted to another agency. It's not always best to have a large unit/gang, they are easier to become a suspect. You may conduct as many operation that your faction can handle a turn, its best not to overstretch yourself though. Specify how many people are involved in each operation, you want to ensure that if you suffer casualties that you will be able to continue the operation. Remember, the GM will not be a total dickhead about this. If you miss a minor detail they may choose to ignore it and allow your attack to go ahead without any trouble. As stated earlier their word is final. War is fickle, even the best laid plans can go wrong and luck can save badly laid ones. If a player has initiated battle with another faction, they may continue battle through as many posts as necessary. They may not make any developmental advancements, but may only move or reorganize troops. All sub turn posts must begin with the name of the player and their country.


For example:

Derp - NYPD - Operations Sub-Turn


Additionally, in order to keep other agencies/IA/gangs from taking you out of power; it is a good idea (but not a requirement) to  provide a reason for your operations/buildups. The National Guard may intervene if you suffer too many casualties or cause too many casualties. Also, other players often like to ruin your plans by coming to the aid of the faction you're attacking so watch out! Also, consider the difficulties of passing through other territories airspace/land to attack.


[spoiler=The General Rules of Counter-Ops]Defenders have a slight advantage in that they can technically use their entire community to their defence with few negative effects. However, citizens will not generally fight back of their own free will, their main weapon of choice are riots and mass crowds. If a a player does not post any counter-operations, it will be assumed the targets and or VIPs are arrested/killed/whatever.


Defenders, like attackers, can make as many posts as necessary to defend themselves with the same rules regarding the start of the post. Support can be sent to a defending nation without taking a turn. If an ally is under attack, you may send troops to his support. You can move to support an attacker if you are a fellow gang/police faction. You can appeal to the District Attorney if you think an attack is completely unjustified and may receive help. This is dependent on what your GM thinks.


There are three types of operations: conventional/investigations/community

Conventional would be: increasing more uniformed patrols in the city, conducting sting operations or robbing a bank, use your imagination (This is the bread and butter operations).


Investigations: Think you have a mole or an undercover spy? Request an internal investigation (be careful though, requesting too many Investigations will deter promotion opportunities [Going from FBI to USPS]).


Community: Need funding? Need a diversion to conduct a larger operation? Hold a fundraiser (bikini car-washes?) or conduct a mass protest (angry mobs anyone?).



Diplomacy is a tool that can be used against both communities and opposing factions. The GM will determine the effectiveness of such an action. Repeating an action can produce good results, but in certain situations it can make things worse.


Diplomacy with other player is fine as long as you make any alliances clear to the GM in private. You can betray alliances with players with no consequences except for angering the player them-self. Neighboring and Parent agencies may offer unlimited funding or even offer a large surplus of manpower if asked the right way. It may be a good idea to ask for less in the beginning (no need to piss off the mob boss/police chief) but if you can provide good results quickly then it won't be an issue. You may want to fulfill certain goals or you want to look impressive and friendly. Operations must be disclosed with full disclosures of personnel/equipment/etc.


Disclosure and Secrecy

Operations generally don't need to be kept secret, except when facing a federal agency (we'll get to that in a moment), unless you are conducting large drug operations/trafficking/etc. Intelligence and undercover operations may be kept under secrecy unless operations discover the agents. If a plan is too hard to keep secret the GM may reveal it.


If any special weaponry or tactics are used within battle, it must be mentioned or else it will be assumed that standard technology and tactics were used. If you spend vast amounts of money on something secretly NPCs/Agencies/Gangs/Players will become suspicious and want to know what you are doing. The District Attorney may even intervene if it seems very suspicious and send inspectors. Actions may be performed by privately messaging the GM, but the GM reserves the right to announce any information to the public.


Clues will be given in the case of secret missions, unless you cover your ass really well (even then, a well-formed agency/gang will find clues each turn until discovered). Secret missions can range from assassinations, undercover stings, to hijackings, to spreading of propaganda, and more! Be reasonable with your secret actions. Sending hit men to assassinate the Police of Chief is realistic, but to every cop in the city is unrealistic. Doing this, or something similar,  could result in the disclosure of your actions to the public by the GM (and your disgrace). You’ll also want to have plans put in place in an attempt to reduce damage by attacks or have plans to prevent assassination. Personal security is a must when attracting attention.


The Rules of Technology

You are encouraged to invent new things, but you must supply general schematics, costs, and capabilities upon usage. It is up to the GM whether they accept and may be subject to changes or modifications. You cannot copy inventions made by other players in previous games (unless they offer permission), but you may remake your own. The GM is to judge when cases of copying occur. If an invention or weapon already exists in the real world, it may be used, though a link to its schematics and capabilities are required. If you decide to reverse engineer something, don't make a carbon copy of the technology unless you want to get hit by a lawsuit.


To upgrade an invention, explanation is required for how it was updated and to what effect. Most Cold War era weapon platforms have some upgraded variant. A few minutes of research can save you from figuring out what to do on your own. When creating a new invention, give it an ETA when you post it. The first turn you post it, when approving your turn the GM will tell you if your ETA is correct and, if not, what it should be. This ETA will go down one per turn. Along these lines, budget concerns when researching are nonexistent if you can prove effectiveness in operations or if you please your gang leaders.


Other Useful Points

- Other gangs/agencies exist, they are controlled by the GM and may effect the world in different ways through alliances and wars. It is better to try and merge the two to gain their funding and personnel.


- Currently existing alliances and will continue their existence unless they are nullified by the GM. Be careful of your operations and for what reason, as your doings will effect your diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.


- Keep to laws such as human rights, it is necessary to win over the District Attorney if you want to execute public executions. If you don't, the might of the national community could fall on you.


- The GM may cause change the rules depending on who the GM is


- Editing your turn is perfectly fine, as long as you do so before the official ending time of the turn and notify the GM of the edit.


- God Moding is serious and will almost always end in an internal disaster in your country. Preferably a raid by the CIA.


Sample Turn

[Name] – [NYPD] – Turn [#]


[MTAP] – [100l]

[subfactions] – [100]



Total: [5,000]

Annual Budget: [$500,000]

Turn Budget: [$100,000 Promotion Bonus]

Leftover: [$500,000]



[Chevy Tahoe] - [5] - [$10,000 Each Paid for, $6,000 per year financed for 3 years)]

[Equipment 2] - [# of Equipment 2] [total cost of Equipment 2]





[Equipment 1] - [# of Equipment 1] - [total cost of Equipment 1]

[Equipment 2] - [# of Equipment 2] [total cost of Equipment 2]



Internal / Community Relations

I want to promote a few of my officers, they must be loyal to me.

I need to increase my budget, let's hold a car wash and a bake sale; to kill to birds with one stone, we'll invite the local drug addicts and arrest them too.

Due to the excess in crime, I request for the Chief to increase uniformed patrols in the city.

[Need more funding? need more recruits? want to smooth things over with the community? Build a relationship with your gang? post them here!]


Neighboring Agencies/Parent Agencies

I want to increase our ties with the State Police, we'll hold an annual training conference.

[Ask for assistance/training/equipment/budget]



Would like to apply for NY State Police

Merged with Metro Transit Authority and increased our operating budget (Turn 1)

Training with DEA (Turn 2)

Took down three smaller gangs (Turn 3)

[if you plan to apply for a promotion, label which agency you wish to apply for and place a line of your best accomplishment each turn (1 line per turn)]



I'd like to make the Beretta 1911 our new weapon.

Finance 5 Chevy Tahoes over 3 years, outfit them with the standard kit.

I'd like to investigate the murder of Col. Mustard, I fear his death is related to our recent investigations.

I'd like to conduct stings at the park on Main st.

[Purchase new inventory? Conducting stings? Place them here]



Promote a few officers

Hold Bake Sale

Sting Operations at Bake Sale

Request more uniformed patrols at night

Training conference with NYS Police

Apply for NY State Police

Purchase Beretta 1911

Finance 5 Chevy Tahoes

Investigate murder of Col. Mustard

Conduct more stings on Main St

[summarize your turn]

This is important as it allows the GM to have an at a glance look to see if he missed anything!


The game of CTW was created by Trollbrain, and developed over time and through experience by everyone else. This TC mod was created by Snake Eater (thestarwarsrp, cnc-comm) and was originally posted in June, 2014. The rules are subject to change. If you have a dispute with any rule, please ask the GM in a calm and polite manner.

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There is a preview function, you know. Don't just copy stuff from other forums without double-checking tag support.


On a related note, there's an edit function. You CAN just divide the whole thing in underlined section headers where your current spoiler tags are.


Some other things:

-it'd be nice if you'd actually say what "CTW" actually stands for :P

-You also got a messed up Bold text closing tag behind "riots and mass crowds."

-You managed to misspell Sig Sauer P226 despite the fact you just had to copy it from the Wikipedia article you linked to :P

-It's 'god moding', not 'God Modding'. 8)

-(Norbro, you can have public executions if you really want). Yeah. I'm sure Norbro appreciates it. :huh:


I'll read it through once you fix the formatting and make it readable :dry:

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