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CnCNet Gold Medal Challenge


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Win the CnCNet Gold Medal Challenge and get a Gold Medal icon next to your name!


Type "/install gold" in the online lobby to download the map and then restart the lobby to load it!


Name of the map "Gold Medal challenge! Are you the master of Q?"


You can also download the map manually here:




Add 1ai player if you play it alone, else the game end trigger will not fire up!

Settings: color "Yellow", country "Germany", TechLevel "10", Credits "10000", UnitCount "0"

Defeat all enemy tanks before the time runs out

You have to win it using hotkeys like in the video below, stacking/fooling the ai wont count as a win


Once you are good enough to beat it, send a message to a player who already has a gold medal and tell him to watch you winning it and you will get your own medal too!


Here you can see how it is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FcKV7JEQMk


Currently we only have a challenge for Red Alert 1, maybe we can figure something out for the other games too :)

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