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RA Editor Map error when atempting to play it on Skirmish



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Crashes trying to read the building list. Does the map have any walls?


yes, a few concrete and a few wired fences... what should i do???


Attach the map...


Thank you for minding me about that.



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Okay I see a few things. First a number of buildings that will NOT be built *They have the numbers on them* and as Iran said the map has walls in the building section. You can NOT place ANY wall on the map using Mode (Base) or Mode (Structures). All walls must be placed using Mode (Overlay).


I found the Concrete Walls in pic 3 and Wooden Fence in pic 1 were placed as structures. Pic 2 has more buildings that won't be built. Fixed the map and attached it below. Also crates do not work on multiplayer maps. The game will just remove them on map load.





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I didn't change the Mode (Base) buildings. *The ones with the numbers on them* Mode (Base) is how singleplayer AI knows to build buildings and isn't really used in any multiplayer maps. It is up to you to change them.


Your welcome and stick around!

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