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Lag while playing with three or more people.



Yesterday Me, Cpt. Black, Darknova, and TaG were playing a Skirmish map against three medium nod opponents in the Tiberium sun mod, Twisted insurrection. Upon startup, the game was noticeably choppy. You would see the lines of the frame transitions. After playing for a few hours, I went to bed. We had toughed out the lag and defeated one of the opponents. When I left, the lag significantly improved, but was still annoying according to Cpt. Black. When it was just Darknova and TaG, it was very tolerable.


Is this a common problem with multiple players?

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Tiberian Sun can lag badly for some people if you use windows 8 or have bad settings. We got a couple of fixes for that now but none of them are perfect, for some they work well for others not :(


But you guys should always check your pings just to make sure your connection is fine

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