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C&C Comm Center competitions?


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I have been thinking, whould you like a competition hosted by C&C Comm Center?


Revolutionay came with some ideas you can see below.


I was thinking to my self that when you look at the big site 1 of the main things to have disappeared are competitions.

I personally thought this a shame as it brings out the competitive side of the community in a good way, helps promote sites & often creates

good quality mods, graphics or maps that will be used for years to come.


so how would people feel towards competitions

would thay (depending on the game) want to judge, take part (both serious and for fun) or would you not like to take part at all.


[move]my ideas[/move]



Mapping competitions (could be good support for CnC Net)

Graphical competitions (modding CnC is hard but just changing graphics isnt)

Online competitions (could be good support for CnC Net)

Modding competitions (may be one day 8) )


RA1 & TS

Mapping competitions (both single and multi)

Graphical competitions (changing graphics not rules)

Online competitions (online or via hamachi)

Modding competitions (small mods rather than big ones)


If C&C Comm Center would ever host a competition, there is the question of prizes. Likely it wil be just like we say it in Norway "honor and glory". But if anyone wants to donate some prizes which C&C Comm Center can send to it's winner(s) it would be appreciated. If you would like a competition feel free to post your ideas in this topic or give me a PM.

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I thuoght about tournament games in C&C1 thruogh CnCNet as well few days ago. (would fit with: Online Competitions). Especially for this weekend but i havent posted this idea yet. I think there are nice custom tournament maps already created but in my opinion those map sizes are too small for 3v3 games or if you like 2v2v2. 4 Player maps are nice, so i recommend: if playing tournament maps you should change a setting in your conquer.ini. 'Players=6' to 'Players=4' !! if keeping 6 all the starting positions on 4p maps are screwed up [...]

anyway i want to show you a few maps:


-> Aquamarine (6) [@Irony's Mappack]

-> Central Escape (4)/(6) [@N3tRunn3r's Mappack]

-> Vales of the Templars (4) [@N3tRunn3r's Mappack]

-> Crossed (4)/(6) [@N3tRunn3r's Mappack]


the final round should be:


=> Secondary Tiberium Impacts (6) [@N3tRunn3r's Mappack]

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