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Not starting game



When I try to start games on CnCnet, if I play a dawn game, the game NEVER starts teh first time. C&C95 just starts up, but it seems to be crashed int he background, somehow. I have to close the game on the bottombar and then retry it, then it's OK.


RA1, however, just sometimes DOESN'T start up at all. I click launch game, but it either doesn't open, or just takes way too long to do so. This isn't a loading thing... no no, my computer just sits there as if nothing's happned and then like 2 mins later, RA1 opens.



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I was messing around with Red Dawn today and found that a version of cncnet5.exe was really slow. It kept eating up my net speed to the point it lagged my PC. It's modified date was 10/17/13. I changed to a newer verson with a modified date of 8/24/14 that is working fine for me.


Check the date of your RA1 CnCNet5 exe. Maybe that is the cause of the delay for RA1 to lanunch.

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