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Online game chrashes while connection buildup





i have the problem that i can not play online against other players. When i join a lobby and the game starts i see the main menu of c&c for 1 sec and then i am back at the desktop where i got the message: "Crash dump file with the name ra95crash has been saved. Give it to Iran..." and "The instruction at 005e6641 referenced memory at b297774b. The memory could not be written." The numbers always changing.


I deactivated my firewall, reinstalled the game, tried different maps but nothing helped. I also send the crash files and attached one here. Because the game runs in all other modes (skirmish, online without other players) i assume that the problem is the communication between the other pcs and mine. Thought when i deactivated my firewall it would work but it doesent. I spend almost i few hours (port forwarding ect.) with that problem because red alert was my first pc game and i would love to play it again. So plz help me!!!!


MY system and software:



-geforce GTS 250

- c&c version: downloaded from http://redalert1.com/

-router: vodafone dsl easy-box 803A

-anti-virus: comodo security (but deactivated)


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