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C&C Onslaught


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C&C Onslaught is a campaign created by OmegaBolt, he has already released three nicely scripted missions! :D


C&C: Onslaught



C&C Onslaught is a campaign expansion to Tiberian Dawn, following from its GDI ending. Both GDI and Nod will recieve at least 12 new missions each. Only the first 3-4 missions shall be posted of each faction until the full release. I'd like to note that these missions are intended to follow a storyline and not just random fun missions.


Onslaught has been developed on the C&C 1.06 patch by Nyerguds and using CCMap map editor.


ATM all missions are playable through the "New Missions" menu, but eventually I might try and make into something bigger and replace the original missions.



1995. GDI has seemingly won the war against the worldwide organisation, the Brotherhood of Nod. Nod's European forces have crumbled to GDI and their headquarters, the Temple of Nod in Serajevo has been destroyed, along with their leader, Kane. This has lead the breakdown of Nod forces resulting in global military chaos.


After the victory in Europe, GDI reassembles and pushes to attack Nod controlled Africa. With communication and leadership breakdown within Nod, the Brotherhood fails to protect itself and quickly loses large territories to the Initiative.


GDI is winning the fight.


Check out his topic by clicking here!

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