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C&C95/RA95 Video made cnc stop response



Hi Peaple, i having problems wilth the C&C95/RA95 on my winxp sp3 computer, when a video play, the game stop response, considering:


I have tryed wilth windows 95, 98/me compat, wihout compat, disabling advanced scripts for this program, enabling that, on 256 colors, well EVERITYNG!, i have used the ForceCore, i have disabled/enabled +1 cpu usage, used CPU grab, this happens in ALL versions of cnc (v1.04a, v1.05a, v1.06a, v1.06b)


My solution:

I have maded a "Patch" who uses the blank MOVIES.MIX, and a blank logo.VQA


*the games crash too in pressing a abort mission ,saying: Battle Control Term... and stop talk, and the cnc stop response, i using a blank abort mission sond, who stop that.

but I want to see the videos.


Computer features:


ASUS Motherboard.

2 Pentium 4 Processors.

2 512 mb RAM cartiges (totalizing 1024mb)

GEFORCE 6900 video card.


"Patch" download link: http://www.4shared.com/file/79262216/55da1285/cc_WinXP_Videos_Fix.html


waiting for Response.

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I just realized, this is the sound accelleration bug...


Video's hang: On some systems Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 can hang with repeating sound in the first second of video, this often means it is impossible to get past the Westwood Studios logo. To fix this run Dxdiag and disable Sound acceleration

Start > Run > type dxdiag > OK > Sound > Hardware Sound Acceleration Level - Move slider until on 'No Acceleration'

Picture Guide: http://www.cncworld.org/?page=features/tutorials/tdhang

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