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[RA1] Delay-Trigger


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Hey guys,


I started mapping a few weeks ago and so far i've managed to solve all the problems but the one thing i can't get to work is a trigger which fires after a delay. I just want a trigger that doesn't fire directly after an event happend, but moments later.

For example; After building X is infiltrated i want to let pass some time before the next event happens.


Is there anyway to make this work?


Thanks in advance

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easy. 8)


select type: "and..."


then you could add two events:

1: entered by ... house

2: elapsed time


edit: I vaguely can remember that RA doesn't count the "elapsed time" after the first event has occurred but already since start of scenario.


for the second case:

- script a neutral team in an area of your map not visible to the player, which just moves from A to B.

- create this team when you capture the building.

- create another trigger: entered by (neutral) -> your action.

- place a cell tag for this trigger at B where the other team moves to.


still easy.  8)

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