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  1. Try this one. Both enemy houses are set to IQ=5. The pale red guy will immediately build Tanya and Mammoth tanks although it has no tech center (and Turkey was an allied house anyway if I remember right) It appeared in all versions of the original RA1, I don't know if this is already fixed in the remastered game. cmu98ea.ini
  2. I think about to port my old Discovert Operations mod for this, which bases on a custom ra95.exe, which supports new units and Tschokkys terrain expansion packs, e.g. cave theater. Things that could be fixed are the "new construction options" bug, when owning both allied and soviet helipads; and the IQ=5 bug in singleplayer mode, what allows the AI house to build units of both sides, regardless of Owner= and Prerequisite= settings. I probably will have time in spring or summer for some testing
  3. They finally will work. I canceled my intention to use a customized .exe for my stuff, because the game crashed too often then. I have reworked roundabout half of my missions, I think I could finish them mid-2021.
  4. Will mods for RA1 or RA1 3.03-portable (Iran patch) work on this?
  5. expandmd06.part2.7z I reuploaded the terrain expansion file, because it is really hard to find in the www. Due to file size limits, I had to split this up into two posts. see previous post for part 1. Use 7zip to extract.
  6. Maybe you don't use the paste tool correctly. When you use the paste tool, the map isn't placed yet, it is attached to the mouse cursor. Move to the correct cell with the cursor (this is actually quite a mess to find this cell) and place the map by left-clicking.
  7. Good one, but there is not much space to build up a base
  8. Does anyone have tracks of this band, or knows more about it? https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Tiberium/92049
  9. RA1 Tesla coil is no laser animation. There are a few bolt shps, which are put together somehow by the game. These can be extracted and edited of course.
  10. it's the [AI] section, these section are already in the file.
  11. open FinalSun 2 times. 1. map1: resize to size of map1 + map2 2. map2: edit -> copy whole map 3. map1: edit -> paste. place map at the exact position and height.
  12. Or you can make two triggers: trigger1 is contantly reinforcing the GNRL unit - set the house to Multi1-8 (Number of starting waypoint +1) and trigger2 disables trigger1 when the airfield is destroyed.
  13. I remember I have combined these two maps to a mp map one day. If I find it, I'll upload it here. Otherwise, open each map in Final Sun, expand map size and use the copy/paste tool.
  14. You can easily transform the buildings into YR objects, but the terrain templates in YR have a larger cell size, so it is impossilbe I think. Is this stuff anywhere to download yet? I only have the ecache55.mix, which only contains .tem files, but lacks any .shps. Especially the train station roof is hard to find. The link in the first post is dead.
  15. Ha, this is the third map from my Discovert Operations campaign. Awesome that you want to make a coop map from this. 🤗 Here is the thread: WTF? "City" is the neutral house. BadGuy1-3, Dammed, Cabal are all enemy houses linked to Nod, the "GDI AI" is a captured GDI base under Nod control. "Dammed" is the owner of the dam, just supporting power supply of the captured GDI base and some obelisks "Cabal" is actually the Nod headquartiers, featuring unique and experimental technology and the core defender (as the final Boss of this mission) GoodGuy houses feature the rebels (active/passive), which are player controlled, but have different colours. Have you played the whole mission until the end? I have done a lot of changes since the first version, predominantly messing around with AI. I can send you the actual version, if you like. Why did you replace the members of the commando team with E1 soldiers?! And were is the additional artwork from? 😂 Anyway, keep on going!
  16. You have to choose a palette file in the XCC mixer.
  17. Awesome! I currently work on an update, featuring: - 2 new missions - New Artwork - Naval battles and finally, a huge volcanic eruption!
  18. If I remember right, it can be done in maps by creating a TeamType. Iran figured this out long ago:
  19. I think there are 2-3 images for one slope tile, which are used randomly by the game and the editor. can you post a screenshot in marble mode?
  20. Have a look into my old campaign I built around 1999-2000. I still work on an upgrade, which will fix several bugs and other issues.
  21. place a shock trooper next to it. Otherwise, add this to your map: [CAPARS01] Primary=EiffelBolt Overpowerable=false make sure, the owner's house has enough power plants to power the tower.
  22. It still looks quite skinny. I added some part of the construction yard, the power station and the radar to the building: Though, the refinery-style look is rather accidently. I suggest to do some 2D post-editing anyway to remove some of the pixellation, e.g. like this:
  23. I built some high-detailed maps, though these are derived from a single player campaign I made some years ago, so balance is not fully achieved.
  24. I like that windmill, awesome! Does it rotate? This Redoubt building looks quite blank. I would add some more detail to the surface, e.g. by adding a texture to the 3D render model, or adding the faction logo on one of the surfaces. Generally, your shapes have a weird pixellation. I guess the reason is either an insufficient algorithm for the conversion into a palette image, or the colors of the images itself do not really fit into the C&C1 palette. Latter issue can be fixed by shifting the colors of your image more close to those colors used in the C&C palette by using brightness/hue/saturation tools. The outpost building has 3x2 foundation, right? It looks quite small, you should make sure your building fills the whole 72x48. What do you think of this building? There are more of my artwork here in this thread, you can use any of them.
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