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Can't get original map editor to work

Princess Royal

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Hi all,


My old computer exploded last week, and as I result I decided to play red alert on my spouse's crummy laptop while I wait for my new rig to be shipped. I used to create exceedingly detailed maps, but never could get comfortable with the newer map editor -- rather favoring the tried-and-true original.


Well, I downloaded the game onto this laptop just a few minutes ago, but I'll be darned if I can get the 'edwin' file to work. It won't boot directly, and it won't boot through the game's launcher (by clicking original editor). When I click either, the only reaction is for edwin.exe  *32 to appear in my windows task manager. It doesn't ever load the editor itself, however.


Has anyone ever encountered this? I realize that most people don't use the older editor, but it's just the fastest way for me to work.

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