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the AI units dont attack me


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I created a map, where have some structures and units in strategic positions for the AI use against the players, I want it to play in multiplayer, but when I test the map in "network game" against computers, the AI units in the map dont attack me, they only attack the computer players units. well the cumputers attack me, but the AI minigunners that I put to defend civilian villages against the players dont attack me, they only attack the cumputers. in a real game against humans, this bug will happen or it happen onlt against comps?


I setted the units to "guard","attack","hunt",etc... but they dont attack me.


the structures of they(towers), it are attacking me, only units and infantry that no



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In multiplay, the AI always attacks the most northern units. And unlike the multi1-6 teams, the normal GDI and Nod teams aren't allied with the rest of the multis unless you specifically specify that in the ini file.


Problem is, if you DO ally them with all multi teams, they'll be allied with you too... so there's not much you can do about that.

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I only want that they attack the players(mults) units. Is a map where 4 sides(4 players) invade a area controled by a civil resistance(goodguy) and the civilians have minigunners that defend some points against the gdi and nod invaders. but if the AI only attack the computers in my tests in network game, and dont attack me, and if dont will attack humans then have no sense in give units for the AI :( ...have no way of triggers/teamtypes to make the AI to attack humans in a 4P multiplayer? (4 humans fighting for win but with a AI making the game more dificult for they in the center)

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