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C&C95 Buttons for making a theme for Nintendo DS


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Hi everyone!


I'm making a C&C Theme for Nintendo DS (flashcard, moonshell), The background image i have been finished. Well, im asking for some files:


-A Bitmap file of rolling bar (unpressed).

-A bitmap of Buttons (unpressed).


i have disziped from the general.mix, but the image dont show correctily (inversed collors.)


If i have post on wrong area, sorry, i dont find a right place, so, i have posted here.

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You need the images in updatec.mix


Also, if these buttons don't show correctly, they might be from the score screen; then you need the score palette. It's in there somewhere.

It's also possible you're looking at main menu buttons. Then you either need the palette of the main menu image HTITLE.PCX, or, if they're the old DOS buttons, the palette inside TITLE.CPS (which can normally be found in the local.mix on the Covert Ops CD)

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