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Error - Unable to allocate primary video buffer.


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when i want to participate in a game i get the following error message:


"Error - Unable to allocate primary video buffer. Please check your graphic card drivers or go to the video options and enable Cnc-DDraw."


Furthermore i can't see the games and players at the lobby (only the flags).

Screenshot: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3869/fxlt2ieg_png.htm


Can someone please help me! Thanks!

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I know the bug with the drawing problems on Mac OSX, heard about it a couple times but this is the first time i have seen it, nice :D


That "Error - Unable to allocate primary video buffer" should not happen, did you enable cnc-ddraw in the options like it suggests?


We have multiple game downloads for Mac OS X, where did you download yours? I need to know which version you are using, you can also send me a message in the game lobby so i can check the version if you cannot remember. Type this command: /msg FunkyFr3sh hi, it is me, maximi84



Here is the latest version:


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