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spawn.xdp not working anymore?


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Me and a friend play online with modified spawn.xdp (to change AI first wave time, nuke strength etc). We both have the same modified file and can play without any problems (we don't get a file mismatch when joining each others games)


However, our changes no longer work ingame. For example, my nuke setting is as such:












This used to make the nuke alot more powerful. The build time was increased to make it for of a once-a-match type of thing.


Despite using the same files we did a couple of months ago, the changes aren't working ingame. I've tried downloading a fresh copy and re-editing the spawn.xdp file (which is then shared with a friend), but nope, no joy.


Has anything changed since I last played a few months ago that would cause this? Aftermath game is turned off incase the spawnam.xdp was being used instead.

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