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I do not apply the right color palette for SHP


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I'm converting PCX file to SHP file in XCC Mixer. But the image is distorted in the game.


Can you tell us step by step? How do I put this image in a way into the game smoothly? I did everything smoothly. I just stayed in this section.


This is my PNG file.




This is in game view...






I prepared the shp file using this path.










Then I'm going to the game.

However, it looks this image distorted in the game. Please help...

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um.. CAN you actually change these palettes? I assumed they use one general ingame palette somewhere....


By the way, from what I can see, steps 4 and 5 are useless... all you do is open the SHP file, make the editor view it with the right palette, and then save it again? That has no effect, you know. Palettes aren't saved in SHP files anyway.

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I'm no expert in modding RA2, but I'd assume that you either need to find and override the actual colour palette used in that scene by the custom one you got from converting your image, or (if that palette is used by multiple images, meaning your replacement would mess up these other images) just make sure your image is converted to the original palette used by that scene ingame.


Note that I've never really used SHP Editor; I generally do all my image and palette editing in an image editor and convert it using XCC.


Either way, you need to find which palette in RA2 is used by the original mission loading screen.



Overall, from that step 4 and 5, I have the impression you're not really familiar with what SHP is and how it works. I wrote a guide detailing that, in the modding tutorials section of the forum:


First thing you need to know is that C&C/RA/TS/RA2 graphics don't contain colours, at all. They only contain palette indices, meaning, they just show in the colours given to them by the game. For that reason, it's vital that you use the game's colour palette when making your graphics.


This means that instead of having its image information saved as "this pixel is blue", it instead has "this pixel is index 144 on the colour palette", and the pixel will show up as whatever colour is at that index on the palette you give it. This means that if you give it a colour palette it wasn't meant for, it can look totally messed up.

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