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New update for Yuri's Revenge Online - 3rd March

Guest neogrant

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Hello everyone - we hope you're enjoying Yuri's Revenge online.


Today we have just released an update, which will be applied when you next launch.


Update includes the following:

- Settings tab now fixed to allow changing of YR game options (such as Resolution)

- Client icon now added to executable

- Lag fix when clicking 'New game' button

- System tray icon temporarily disabled - to be improved at later date

- Checks to remove wsock32.dll if found in game directory, has known to cause issues of starting a game.

- Maps that are corrupt are no longer loaded to prevent crashing of the client.

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Why is every game locked? Does that mean they are in game, or I can't join? Thanks for the update...Loving it when it works for me.


those with a lock icon are passworded.  strike thru are already in play. i usually hang out and wait for people to host a game or start my own since players would just suddenly jumped in.

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