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Manu's easter special - it is square conquering time!


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Hello cnc community!


I created two fun maps as part of an easter special release who are completely different to what is made for tiberian dawn by now.


First one is an up to 4 way FFA map and is called:


Crazy Square Time 4P




And below here its pendant for a heavy 2 vs 2 battle - left vs right:


Crazy Square Battle 2vs2 4P




Downloads of these two maps are just in this thread not in my usual two threads.

Have fun playing them! As a little tip for playing it first time: in every square there is a surprise.....or an empty field / unusable field - so build grenades or rocket soldiers at the very beginning to find out.... and a few engineers might come in handy for a better possesion rate of the playground. :)





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Ohh. They're WALLS. They looked kinda like roads on the thumbnail :-\


Visceroids (or, any neutral armed unit) on MP maps are a bad idea though, since they'll just try to attack the most northern player, and in case of this map, just hug the top wall trying to reach that north player.

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The first tests showed that this is the least problem because once you get there to break in accidentally your troops are just big enough to kill them quickly. I even had the feeling they attack the one who breaks in the "prison"-square. It's just the idea that not every "egg" you break is good for the player and doesn't need to be opened. The most fighting concentration was always the middle of the map and so it is meant to be.

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