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Tiberian Sun (BLACK SCREEN)





Firstly I would just like to thank the people who are responsible for this whole project, I loved the C&C games when I was growing up and to be able to now play them again online using my modern PC is a dream come true.  You have my eternal gratitude and I will definitely be donating to support this project.


Now to my problem, I have been able to play the original C&C and Red Alert without any issues whatsoever, however when I launch single player on Tiberian Sun I just get a black screen, however I can still hear all the games sounds. I am using Windows 7 64 bit.


I have tried all the compatibility modes and run the program as administrator but this has not helped. I looked through some old threads and it appears other users had the same problem and they were told it was the installer that was the issue and posted a link to a different installer. Unfortunately the links have expired and I cannot use them, so I wonder if somebody can maybe re-post the link or perhaps help in another way.


Either way I very much appreciate any help with this. TS was the only C&C game I never played back in the day and really would like to get it running.





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Let me guess, nvidia graphics card? The most threads you can find here on the forums are about the windows8 problem (which has been solved already)


The windows7 + nvidia card problem is not solved yet, you can try to get an older version of the drivers or try some workarounds. Here is a tutorial for ra2 (skip the first steps and only change your graphic card), this only works if you have multiple graphic cards tho


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i have managed to get this working. To anybody else having the issue, there is a link on these forums for a dl.draw  file that you need to place in your game directory. It now runs perfectly. I have provided a link to the thread.... scroll down the thread and download iran's link to the ddraw file, all other stuff is irrelevant



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