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--Red Alert Map discussion--


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So I wanted to start off by saying thank you Westwood for all them years you made me happy scrolling down the hundreds of maps that were available on the PS1 version of C&C Red Alert (which were brought back on the  cncnet RA later on).I always enjoyed Marooned II and Treasure Isle as kid,but now that I'm older I like to try new maps!


As there are hundreds I'd like people to express there favourite maps and recommend me balanced out maps that are enjoyable with sea and land and plenty (or enough ore for each team) of ore.


I will list some of my favourites that I play a lot on the Cncnet version of Red Alert

Marooned II

Treasure Isle

Arena Valley Extreme

Gold Coast

I haven't really got into any others any good maps you know of?


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For some reason I don't remember playing much RA way back with my friends and just remember original C&C more.  The original C&C Marooned was good so that makes Marooned II interesting.  I think it was Island Hoppers that I played with two playstations connected together at a friend's house.  Of course with RA having a built in map editor on PC and I think we mostly played custom maps.


Aside from releaseing (XO) crossover versions of my own maps, I plan to release some stock maps with those rules and of course they can be tweaked on a map by map basis.  When I have those four ready in maybe a couple days (sorry I'm short on free time sometimes) I'll pm you a link if you want to playtest them first or even modify them yourself.  I'm think of setting them to these theaters: Marooned II to desert (to be like original).  Treasure Island to Jungle.  Arena Valley to Winter (not RA snow) and Gold Coast to Barren.  I don't know if Gold Coast is supposed to be at least named for any specific real location.  Every continent except Antarctica has a place named the Gold Coast.  I'm also thinking of using my alt rules with slower tanks like TD to tone down tank rushes in most of those except regular RA speed tanks in AVE since it's a landlocked mega map.  In TI, Harvesters will have regular RA heavy armor rather than TD light armor since they go to a common area and I want to incorporate some things from other extreme maps into AVE such as chrono not killing cargo but with a higher vortex chance.  The biggest dilemma is enabling stealth crates to be like TD.  The existence of Nod stealth tanks and units getting stealthed from crates makes it recommended to play with short game on.  I'm think of giving them a chance of 3 or 5, probably 3.  But with 0 you can play with short game off and not have to worry about someone hiding to avoid losing as long as no one plays as Nod (Germany or Turkey).  If subs are all someone has left, RA will reveal them but it doesn't reveal any other stealth.  Of course in regular stock RA the phase transport is only available in single player missions and just the multi map Holy Grounds has a chance of 1 for stealth crates.

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