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Yuri with Mods?


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I have Yuri's Revenge through Origin.  A few years ago, I made a mod for YR.  Currently, the mod works great in single player.  Years ago, when we could connect the old fashioned way, I was able to play with my Mod in multi-player matches with my friends (who also had the same mod).  I am wondering if it is possible to play with the mod with CNCnet?  If so how can I do this?


Currently when I start YR on Origin and play single-player, the mod works fine.  When I start a match on CNCnet, it is only the vanilla.  Any way to change this?


Also, I've done a search on the forums and did not find anything that solves this particular question.


Thanks in advance,


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In my mod, I made it so you can build oil derricks and added 1 building and changed the superweapon ability from usa to russia (removing the spy plane).  So the mod has a bit to it.


I tried to do what you suggested but it did not work.  I copied the contents of rulesmd.ini into notepad and saved as spawn.xdp file extension.  I even tried as spawnam.xdp (I saw it in another random post).  Do I need to download a special program to make the .xdp or do I have to copy only the changes?


Also I changed the artmd.ini file as well.  Does that change anything?

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Hello, I am glad I found this thread, however I was wondering if anyone could elaborate a little on this topic.


A friend and I have been trying to play Yuri's Revenge with the Apocalypse Mod 4.0000.2


I see that when I play matches with him, some of the mod attributes show up, but none of the things like buildings or tanks show up.


Is there something similar that I can do to the Apocalypse Mod files to make it work with a CnCnet game? The mod .zip doesn't appear to have a rules.ini, as was mentioned here, and I'm not sure if that would work in this case or not.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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