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Sky's Tower Defense Maps!! - Tiberian Sun


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All players work as a team to stop the 21 waves of different units from reaching the other sides of the map (waves get harder as game progresses)




- unit count must be set to only 1 to get the map to work or you will get an internal error because the extra units cannot spawn

- firestorm game option must be selected for the final boss to spawn

- on 2, 4 or 6 player map there must be an AI player set to the central position and opposite team to the defenders to get the map to work

(the AI player does not actually do anything it just idles if their mcv deploys)

- on 8 player map AI player not necessary with full lobby, just no score screen shown afterwards if you win the map and the game crashes

- waves shown in top left middle box so you know what is up next

- player that lets any units through to the end of the other side of the map will be shown to everyone and the game will be over!!

- do not 'block' your grey maze path with your hero units (annihilator & destroyer) to ''TEST YOUR MIGHT"

- tick tanks are unable to drive onto the grey path and grey spawn areas they must drive around the grey paths

- for the 'KILL' control the host must select GDI and pick the color Gold for it to work properly

(you are given the repair vehicle when game starts and you send it over the green number to kill a player's construction yard on that starting position)


download 2, 4, 6 or even 8 player versions below & happy gaming  :)8):D






New Versions





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