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  1. Thanks Mike, Just added "The Wild West" map also. Check it out!
  2. I agree. Ladder updates are great... Tib Sun 2020!
  3. Humble added Vet.Bal to both of these maps. I need to get them both whitelisted: 6c4fc7bfa151a7577e13a5b06cffdcce924a56ea ddc3e5512eff9c5a649855f5dfafb9a9c1c9d6dd Thanks!
  4. You should NOT "auto ally" all maps. Top 3 reasons: 1) It dumbs down the game and prevents lazy players from having to scout, which is the very core idea of the Command & Conquer franchise. 2) Some players like to play Free for all games (FFA)... 3) It is currently not possible to un-Allie on "Auto Ally" maps. (Hence, Free for all games not possible) *mic drop* -HitGod
  5. Well, this is easy. Teach them how to play. That is how you attract more players. *mic drop* -HitGod
  6. Funky, the following maps do not contain any cheats and are simply auto ally versions. Please whitelist. Thank you 7b1119c654b5122cf50c302cb146c15089af9313 64f8847c2056bb9b749d9a7d4ee0d71b99e298d8 e5f5c605f55840d3b5a81489c1f736957b4e9260 0e55596e300c441a19354b33d4a3a4c723f76109 e31209e00b98a960a2cc69d6871f36f2bf98c9aa 1ae1ee895c4d2a43cf0e59c5a9bd4c31c5c730f2 7b30e9720cb5256cc0d37b9af5746777869d92ef 71052928e569b6f6f7b076c47007df66f5128b09 All of my maps can be found here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3952-tiberian-sun-multiplayer-maps-updated-come-get-maps/
  7. Hey guys I just added the Lakeland Falls Expansion. Check it out!
  8. A3H-Hitman

    Race map

    Holland, the triggers work beautifully and the mechanics are great, I love the map! Just a suggestion, maybe finish it off by adding some visual detail. Like, make a cliff down at the bottom of the map (Race side) with stuff on it, maybe add a couple artillery or something, throw some trees on it and a little lake looking thing, so it looks complete. Also, I'm sure you can come up with a better look for the left side as well - where the large green Tiberium fields are. Hit it with some cliffs or something to... !
  9. I had to reinstall Tiberian Sun. Now when I am playing multiplayer and start the game it always goes in to a window. I can hear the game in the background but have a black window and no way to get in the game. How to fix? FIX UPDATE: Try to play around with the rendering options. Normally this problem on happens on win 8 / 10 and there are known fixes for it. But if you get that on win 7 then it's special, maybe broken drivers or something else is not right on your pc
  10. Okay.. I have been checking this post a couple times and everything has looked great so far to me. However, after reading Phen post, he is right, we need to use a special map for this type of tournament. I mean honestly we all love Terraces, it gets everyone wet - I get that. But for a straight up tournament play, especially since money is being thrown down now (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGRzpQHG9zA sorry had to throw the plug in) we should definitely create an even playing map, especially for this type of event. Obviously maps are easy to make. We should create a map with same terrain / money layout on both sides so it is completely fair. I propose a flat map, that's simple, basic, no cliffs, trees, etc. with same amount of Tiberium in each field, so only skill shines through. It would need to be a left vs right map, since planes will spawn from top and bottom of map and reveal player areas. We could literally create some sexy goddess map with trees, cliffs, water, weeds, etc. but it is not necessary. Only a map that is completely even will show one players skill, over the others... we all know who some of the best players are... But seriously, if you're throwing real money on the table, you have to give both players the same chance and not start one with a handicap. Plus, the best part is, It would cut down on the amount of games you would need to play by switching sides on terraces. You could do best of three on every game. If one players wins the first two games, it's over. If it's a tie, then the tie breaker is the third game. I'm thinking a map like the same size a terraces. One that is flat, with same amount of green tib on both sides and 1 expand each. Starting locations would be the same distance from Tiberium and that's it. Nothing fancy. Pure & legit. No excuses, no whiners. :roll: Oh, yea.. I just realized, I have been typing wayy to long. Hitman out.
  11. Just download the Tiberian Sun single player campaign. Once I click the game shortcut and click "Single Player" it begins to load the game. However, my screen stays on the desktop. You can hear the game loading and the sound made when scrolling over the menu option. However I can not see the screen even when clicking windows button and going back in to game.
  12. A3H-Hitman

    Visc Maps

    Although I prefer regular maps thanks for the map pack!
  13. Thanks for the maps!
  14. You would think westwood would have thought Terraces would be most popular and put a little more effort in to making top left fair.
  15. A3H-Hitman

    my maps

    Hey nice maps. Keep them coming!
  16. Hey nice maps. Keep them coming!
  17. Hey nice maps. Keep them coming!
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