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  1. Hitman > Mola. Rekt WeaponX twice, before the cry baby started banning me. The guy gets on here yapping none stop like a baby and has a fit when he gets destroyed by a GDI. Hitman or Tigerr will rekt Weaponx all day, easy.
  2. NME and his brother TUROK. We are fine now, they were just trolling On another note, I beat Mola aka WeaponX twice. Once in TL and once in BL. Seen Tigerr just rekt him too from TL. Fun Fact: Mola is 5' 3" And cries every time he gets rekt by Tigerr. Then, WpX starts messaging people that he beat Tigerr, when in fact Mola aka WpX loses 70% of the games he plays vs Tigerr. LONG LIVE GDI.
  3. Auto Ban? You mean to tell me you have a feature no one else does? I have not seen you host a game in 1-2 years to join. You're usually just sitting idle for 3 days, 18 hours, 35 min, 51 seconds Thanks for your valuable input.
  4. All I know is I am the #1 Player in the world. But on another note, the cry fest is getting boring. I am done responding to all you nerds. Enjoy!
  5. Weaponx you are trying real hard with these "noob" insults. You are 20 years in and I'm like 4 maybe 5 years in and i'm better than 90% of the people who still play. You seem like you're bored. Are you the map police? What are you going to do about it peter pan, cry more in a forum? lol NME and I always play and troll each other regularly. Pretty sure it was Mikepence in game chat who said "Mola you're one to call someone out, as if you are innocent yourself" So it sounds like you have had your fair share of controversy. I'll let you know when I start caring what you think. Btw, you might want to re-read what noob wrote. He never said he rekt me. He posted a video beating Kenshiro and said "yea u r better then me". It seems you have missed a lot of points throughout this whole thread. You keep recycling the same info, having been told I was trolling him and I don't give a f. How many times are you going to repeat, do you have new information? Those steroids are making you angry bro, causing you not to focus, etc. Why do you keep logging on and off an say you are not playing, directly after playing? Are you having a convo for the readers, with yourself, or what is ACTUALLY going on right now? 🤣
  6. Deflect? In my very first response I said that we played the map numb nuts!? It was a troll map. If I didn't create the map then someone else did, which means it has been played before, which is how I would have received it!? LMAO! You logged off tibsun to come argue with me on here? Do you think I need permission from you to play any map I want? LOL you want to argue about NME getting his feelings hurt... when there are tons of other troll maps online? You sound like a crybaby and an extreme dork.
  7. Well that is a pretty easy response actually, thanks for asking. Humble added Autoally and Vet.bal to my maps. How am I going to get triggers to work? lol dork. You're still responding to something you weren't in the lobby for and know nothing about.
  8. Weapon, everything you say is based off someone elses point of view. And It's unfortunate some nerd replies to something he wasn't even in the lobby for, but has an opinion about it. 😂
  9. I didn't get banned from the server because there are 527 maps on Tiberian Sun that have map edits that could be considered "cheat mods" You need to stop listening to people who are clueless.
  10. lol clown slurp slurp 🤣you literally added nothing to the conversation but a blowjob. Good one noob. btw, I doubt you can beat shar and you definitely can't beat me.
  11. I checked the map file log for cncnet and that terraces cheat map was just recently uploaded to the server. No one could have been playing games on it consistently. And NME that's funny, because I was showing [NIL] the map. I was not actually playing him! You dork. I don't need a terraces cheat map to beat NIL LOL!!! If I had it up at any other point it was a mistake and just forgot to change the map. The exact same things you have been doing "Showing people" Just because you spent the next 2 days stalking every game I played to take a screenshot, "trying to prove I made that map" simply because I was playing it the next day after your crying... doesn't actually mean I created the map. You proved nothing. And it's funny weaponx is commenting on something he has no clue about or the backstory to what is going on. I already explained myself. I don't need to go back and forth with the drama. If you can't read what I previously wrote and figure it out, then there isn't any point in re-explaining it.
  12. Mike to be clear, I did not make the terraces map. The only one who started spreading these "rumors" is NME. He went on a public panic/cry event all day yesterday with lobby names "Hitmancheat" etc. He was so hurt, he had his brother TUROK (extreme nub) do the same. Please do not make it sound like the entire community is against me, simply because I have the power to make a normally quiet man, get his brother and rage. NME showed me the map cheats. Later on, (after he came back to the computer) he invited me to 1v1. He did not realize he left the same map up again for both matches and despite what he told you, he got owned. After our two games, he realized he had the cheat terraces map up. He was bitter. He then put normal terraces up and got owned again. I had to work, so I went offline. NME spent the next 48 hours of his life, trying to heal his fragile ego. Telling everyone that "Hitman beat me on a cheat map"... now it sounds like the story has morphed into "Hitman tried to play me on a cheat map and still lost" lol get real, I have beat NME without a cheat map. Do you think I didn't win on map that gives $50K? 🤣 What's odd is you have played my maps and know NOT A SINGLE cheat exists in them. You even mention that you are aware NME made the flying cyborgs and other cheat maps in the past... unfortunately, you couldn't quite put the two together (with conviction). I hope this helps. NME is slowly but surely, moving past the defeat (I am trying to help him along the way) and instead of helping, you create a long boring schoolgirl topic about it.... which I only became aware of when NME told me about it... boring.
  13. Thanks Mike, Just added "The Wild West" map also. Check it out!
  14. I agree. Ladder updates are great... Tib Sun 2020!
  15. Humble added Vet.Bal to both of these maps. I need to get them both whitelisted: 6c4fc7bfa151a7577e13a5b06cffdcce924a56ea ddc3e5512eff9c5a649855f5dfafb9a9c1c9d6dd Thanks!
  16. You should NOT "auto ally" all maps. Top 3 reasons: 1) It dumbs down the game and prevents lazy players from having to scout, which is the very core idea of the Command & Conquer franchise. 2) Some players like to play Free for all games (FFA)... 3) It is currently not possible to un-Allie on "Auto Ally" maps. (Hence, Free for all games not possible) *mic drop* -HitGod
  17. Well, this is easy. Teach them how to play. That is how you attract more players. *mic drop* -HitGod
  18. Funky, the following maps do not contain any cheats and are simply auto ally versions. Please whitelist. Thank you 7b1119c654b5122cf50c302cb146c15089af9313 64f8847c2056bb9b749d9a7d4ee0d71b99e298d8 e5f5c605f55840d3b5a81489c1f736957b4e9260 0e55596e300c441a19354b33d4a3a4c723f76109 e31209e00b98a960a2cc69d6871f36f2bf98c9aa 1ae1ee895c4d2a43cf0e59c5a9bd4c31c5c730f2 7b30e9720cb5256cc0d37b9af5746777869d92ef 71052928e569b6f6f7b076c47007df66f5128b09 All of my maps can be found here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3952-tiberian-sun-multiplayer-maps-updated-come-get-maps/
  19. Hey guys I just added the Lakeland Falls Expansion. Check it out!
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