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Problem playing with my brother with same ip


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I have a serious problem, I live with my brother in the same home and result that I want to play with him, but we can't never play together, I don't know why but other people told me it's for the same ip, my brother never loads when we start but others load well less him, if you know how to fix it let me know it please. I have tried creating with tunnel servers but still the same. I love this game, love this server so much and i would like to play with my brother against others, please help me with this issue! Hugs!

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Could be that it it fails when you both try to play at the same time, should be easy to fix (the other games have that fix already).

But, are you sure game is working? Can he play when you are not playing at the same time?

There is also a bug where the game doesn't connect if the nickname is too long, make sure you guys choose short names until it is fixed

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