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I Keep Crashing



Hello i'm new here :) I had been a fan of C&C games and i've only ever been able to play offline until i've heard of CnCNet.Back on topic,so i've just started using CnCNet and find myself crashing a whole lot or like every 5 minutes or less to be exact and had only been able to successfully play one game.I am not very smart when it comes to computer stuff so i hope that i could find someone better at it or had been using CnCNet for a longer amount of time and knows better than i do who could help me.


The error message reads :Unable to read data from the transport connection.An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine


Plus i've been connecting through the HTTPS port as i could not connect through the default and alternatives one,is there something i'm missing?Either way hope someone has the solution to my problems.  :(


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