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One of the reasons why they call it TIBEUMIUM BORES is because when my lackey, Mechacaseal left TS to go and play Tiberum Bores, he became so boring that when he came back to TS, he couldn't hold a candle to my wit, and he turned against me because of that. Back when he used to be my lackey, he had a full head of blonde hair, big muscles, and was only one inch shorter than my 7'5 height. Whereas because he's grown evil, he's deteriorated to his current state, being shorter, skinnier, and looking like a stalker from half-life 2. The only reason he won a game against me in a video on Tunnel Training in the past was because I let him win in order to build a meaninful, substantial feud so the crowd would get drawn into it, and be willing to buy tickets to the PPV where I faced him in a live, televised match.

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