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Black screen when trying to join a multiplayer game.


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Strange... What kind of dune2000 installation do you have? If it's the gruntmods version: Do you have the very latest version?


Did you apply any other custom patches to your game?


Try to go to the game folder and launch "dune2000-spawn.exe", check if you can play the campain with it too

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I am using the latest Gruntmods installation [], I have tried to run "dune2000-spawn.exe" and it did start. The intro video rolled out and after it finished I got this http://prntscr.com/7xxuqz . I was not able to use my mouse anywhere but on my windows tool bar. And no, I don't have anything but the Gruntmods version, no other custom patches.

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Same scenario, only this time it shown me the main-menu and then froze. I have tried default settings when I tried to play multiplayer the first time. So I am guessing it has something to do with compatibility  and/or lack of something?



I fixed it by reseting the settings and making following changes:

VideBackBuffer [ON]

Disable Max Windowed Mode [ON]

Use Improved FPS Limiter [ON]

1360x768 Resolution

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