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CnC95 - Ukrainian Translation

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I'd like to translate CnC95 into Ukrainian language. I've looked through the filesystem, and it all more or less makes sense to me, the only real problem I have so far is the font. Ukrainian language uses cyrillic alphabet (like Russian or Serbian, for example) with some special letters (well, tried to write them here, but it seems like even this font doesn't support them :D). I know that Russian translation exists, and it's using cyrillic font. Since I'm a mere interpreter, and have literally no programming knowledge whatsoever, I wonder - is it possible to create Ukrainian cyrillic font for CnC95 (either from scratch, or by simply editing the existing Russian one)?


If it's possible (and when the text stuff's done), I'll also take care of dubbing (EVA + units + videos). Creating a full Ukrainian translation of Command&Conquer is my childhood dream, so to speak.

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It is possible, yes... but it's a lot of work. The editor I got is really rudimentary, and doesn't support any copying/pasting, so it's all pixel work.


Besides the font, all information on making language packs can be found here:


The "adding_a_language.rar" is a pack with everything in that folde, including the basic guide.


The font editor is here:



First thing you need to do is find which text encoding you want to use. For easy conversion, you should make the font based on an existing 1-byte-per-character text encoding.


I got an editor (editpad pro) which can do text encoding conversions, but the only Ukranian character set it has is KOI8-U. Is this sufficient?


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