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Error with 16 bit


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Hello i can open a game but if i start and try to play a error message come and kick me out of the game.


a window pop up and the message is:


This product requires a 16Bit pixel depth!


what can i do :/



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I can't remember if it was fixed, but it might work when you enable TS-DDraw in the options. Besides that, you can also try to change your screen to 16bit in the windows settings while playing TS


I added your channel to the list now, the lobby will detect when your stream goes online and display the Live Stream button. Make sure you set up twitch to display the name of the game you are playing, it must show "BvNTv is playing Tiberian Sun" or  "BvNTv is playing Red Alert" etc. on your channel, else the lobby will not show the button :)

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