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Renegade: Need Core Patch 2 Please!!!

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This link is dead.


Steps to get it working:

1.Download http://download.renguard.com/cp2/patcher.zip

2.If you have Core Patch 1 installed, download http://download.renguard.com/cp2/cp2.zip otherwise download http://download.renguard.com/cp2/patchall.zip

3.Unzip both zip files into your renegade folder.

4.Double click on patcher.exe which will run the patching process.


from this forum topic:





it times out. I need the core patch 2 please. I had to reinstall windows. I lost the core patch.




edit: and anyother files i would need like the script or whatever. I got the laucher from here. So im good on that.



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